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How to Choose the Perfect Size Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, breast implants, breast enlargement, plastic surgery, dr plastic surgeon, how to choose the right size breast implantsThere are so many shapes and sizes of breast implants available that it can make your head spin!

Have no fear though! Choosing the perfect size is a lot easier than it sounds.

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Breast Implants Under or Over the Muscle?

Breast implants under the muscle, breast implants over the muscle, breast implants under vs over the muscle, subglandular breast augmentation, submuscular breast augmentationSo you’ve decided to get breast implants – or are at least very seriously considering it – yet aren’t sure exactly how you want them done. If so, you’re in good company – virtually every woman who considers breast augmentation has at least one question about the procedure and the results.

One common question I receive is this: Should I have my implants above or below the muscle? Patients undoubtedly hear good stories and “horror” stories about each approach, so we’ll talk about each approach here so you can make an informed choice with your plastic surgeon.

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Top 10 Breast Facts That Every Woman Should Know!

Breast facts, breast implants, breast augmentation, breast feeding, breast changes during pregnancy, breast liftThere are things every woman should know when it comes to their breasts. From puberty, to pregnancy, to aging, breasts are constantly changing. But what makes your breasts “normal”?

Keep reading to find out the top 10 facts all girls should know about their “girls”…

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How much does breast augmentation cost?

Breast Enlargement by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of MAS | 917-703-7069There is a plethora of things to consider if you’re thinking about getting breast implants

Saline or silicone? Under the muscle or over the muscle? Which surgeon should you choose? And, of course, how much do they cost?

Keep Reading to get the low down on the cost of breast augmentation surgery!

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Letting it all hang out… on HuffPo!

small boobs, no bra, Breast Augmentation, Breast Enlargement, Breast Implants, Plastic Surgery NYC, Plastic Surgeon NYCWhat is all the hype about going bra-less?? And why is it that women who wear bras are all insecure?

Frankly, I don’t agree. If you want to go bra-less, then do it. If you want to wear a bra, then wear one. You do not have to go bra-less to have confidence, and I also don’t believe that wearing a bra means you hate your breasts!

That being said, in today’s world, if you don’t love your breasts, you can always get breast implants. While this recent HuffPo article strongly advises against implants, there are many facts that this writer got wrong when it comes to implants and the surgery.

Here’s the short-story of what you need to know if you’re considering breast implants…

  1. Breast augmentation surgery is the most common cosmetic surgery in the United States, with over 300,000 performed in the past year. It is also has one of the highest satisfaction rates of any cosmetic procedure, which is probably the reason why it’s so popular!
  2. With any surgery, there are risks. The 3 main risks of breast augmentation surgery are bleeding, infection, and capsular contracture (scar tissue forming around the implant). There are of course other risks, but they are so infrequent that they are barely worth mentioning outside of a formal consultation with a plastic surgeon.
  3. If you happen to be one of the few women who has a problem after breast augmentation surgery, chances are that it can be fixed!! The vast majority of breast implant complications are not life threatening, nor do they commonly pose any serious risks to your health.
  4. No medical device lasts forever… which is why we suggest replacing your implants after about 10 years. Newer generation implants probably last much longer than 10 years, but since there isn’t any definitive data on that subject yet, most plastic surgeons still quote the conservative 10 year estimate.
  5. Silicone implants are safe and feel much more natural than saline. Today, silicone implants that are made from highly-cohesive silicone gel (not liquid). You can literally cut the implant in half without anything leaking, hence the nickname “gummy bear implants”.
  6. Watch out for doctors who are not fully-trained plastic surgeons offering breast augmentation! There are more than you think, and the rate of complications in their hands is much higher than it is when your surgery is being done by a real plastic surgeon.

I have seen many patients who love the results of the breast augmentation surgery, and I have seen it completely change people’s lives. Some people like bigger breasts and some people like small breasts. It’s a personal preference! Do what makes you happy, whether that’s going bra-less or getting implants. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with either!

Plastic Surgeon New York City, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, Dr Nicholas VendemiaShea Slaymaker, PA-C
Physician Assistant, Beauty Expert
Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery

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Macrolane: The “One Hour” Breast Augmentation

macrolane breast augmentation, breast implants, Breast Enlargement by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS

A new injectible filler called Macrolane is creating some buzz, but not for the usual reasons that fillers make the headlines!

Macrolane is an HA (hyaluronic acid) filler that is similar to popular products like Juvederm and Restylane, but has been developed for use in larger volumes on the body. Juvederm and Restylane are used to treat smile lines (nasolabial folds), under-eye bags (lid-cheek junction), and to re-contour the chin and jawline. These procedures require about 1-5cc of product depending on the area(s) being treated. Macrolane is meant to be used in much larger volumes (20-150cc) for procedures like breast augmentation.

While there’s no doubt that Macrolane breast augmentation sounds like a good idea, it may not be worth all the hype.

Keep Reading to find out why…

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How to Make the Best Decision for Your Breast Implant Incisions!

breast implant incisions, breast implant scars, breast augmentation info


Are you thinking about getting a breast augmentation? You’re not alone!

Over ten million cosmetic procedures were performed last year, and the number one procedure continues to be breast augmentation surgery. The technology for breast surgery has improved in leaps and bounds in recent years, and with each new advancement comes more choices. Lots more choices!

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what kind of incision your doctor will make when they insert your implants. This is almost as big of a decision as choosing the size and style of your implants, since your scar placement can change the aesthetics of your overall result.

Not sure which type of incision is best for you?  Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of all four incision decisions!

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