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How should breast implants look right after surgery?

breast implants during surgery and one day after

The first photo was taken during breast augmentation surgery. You can see that her new breast implants look good right away… they don’t look as good as they will once they are healed, but they still look symmetric, attractive, and much better than what she has to start with. They are sitting slightly high on her chest because the skin hasn’t even started to stretch, but overall they look nice.

The second photo was taken the day after surgery. She is  more swollen, and the implants haven’t settled or dropped at all yet (in fact, they actually look a little higher because of the additional swelling), but they still look attractive and symmetric. She can easily imagine what they will look like after they are healed without having to envision any dramatic changes.

If your new breast implants look so bad to you that you are having a hard time envisioning that they will ever look good no matter how much stretching and settling occurs, then there might be a problem. You should speak with your surgeon right away if you feel this way after your procedure.

Keep reading to learn more about how new breast implants continue to look better and better over the course of 2-3 months after surgery…

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Breast Implant Revision Surgery for Implants that are Too High

breast implant revision, breast augmentation revision, implants sitting too high

If you’ve spent any time looking at Before & After photos for breast augmentation, you have probably noticed how common it is for the implants to be sitting too high on the chest.

These are photos of a 24 year old woman who traveled to Miami to have her breast augmentation by a “prominent” plastic surgeon, but as you can see in her Before picture (taken one month after her original surgery), she didn’t get a great result. Her implants are sitting VERY high on her chest and they have an unnatural rectangular shape. Her original implants were 650cc high-profile saline that were overfilled to about 700cc. They felt very hard, and looked frozen to her chest when she tried to move them.

Keep Reading to find out how her revisional surgery went and see more photos…

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New Breast Implants Will Drop Over the First 3 Months

How new breast implants drop, breast implants too high, high riding breast implants, Plastic surgeon new york city, breast enlargement new york city, dr nicholas vendemia, mas, manhattan aesthetic surgery

Breast augmentation was officially the most popular cosmetic procedure in 2010, and for a very good reason… the results are fantastic!

Those fantastic results take a little time though. It’s very common for brand new breast implants to sit a high on the chest, but this shouldn’t worry you. There are a few reasons why implants sit high right after surgery, but the most common reason is that your surgeon put them there on purpose to compensate for the fact that your skin will stretch over the first 2-3 months after the procedure. As the skin stretches, the implants descend into their final perfect position.

In the above picture series, you can see how brand new breast implants drop over the first 3 months after surgery.

1 Month

The implants are sitting fairly high on the chest, and they are quite swollen. The nipples are pointing down just ever so slightly because of the high position of the implants, and this gives the illusion that the breasts are sagging a bit. This is entirely normal and expected at only one month after surgery.

2 Months

You can see that the implants have descended a few centimeters, and the nipples are in the center of the implant. The illusion of sagging has disappeared, as has most of the swelling.

3 Months

The implants have dropped into their ideal position, and the swelling has completely resolved. The nipples are in the center of the implant, and they are now pointing just slightly skyward. This new position reflects the final few centimeters of implant descent, and the ideal position for breast implants in relation to the overlying breast.


If you have any questions about breast implants or breast augmentation surgery, feel free to stop by the office, call, email or text! We’re always happy to hear from our clients, patients, and readers!

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