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How big is too big when it comes to breast implants?

Get the answer! Read about Sheyla Hershey’s enormous breast implants on HighSocietyPlasticSurgery.com!

Who has the world's largest breast implants? Sheyla Hershey, a 28 year old Texan, is the proud owner of 38KKK breasts that make Heidi Montag’s look like a push-up bra! Sheyla is a “singer/dancer/actress/model” who traveled to Brazil to have her 34FFF’s upgraded to 38KKK that she wanted but couldn’t get in the United States. Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery in New York City says, “There’s a reason why Sheyla had to leave the US to get implants this big… they’re simply n … Read More

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When is it safe to have sex after breast augmentation?

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Short answer: 2 weeks. Long answer: It depends on what you mean by safe!

Immediately after breast implant surgery, there are millions of tiny blood vessels that are trying to their best to heal. These new vessel connections are extremely delicate, and even the smallest elevation in heart rate or blood pressure can cause them to break or leak.

In a recent article in Women’s Health Magazine, Amy Beal and Paige Greenfield say “Breasts are covered in a network of tiny blood vessels that become engorged with blood as heart rate and blood pressure rise during sex, literally causing your boobs to blush.”

More disrupted blood vessels means more bruising and swelling, and a longer recovery. If enough of these new vessels break, you could wind up back in the operating room with a hematoma, and more importantly, with a higher risk of developing a capsular contracture in the future. It takes about two weeks for these blood vessels to heal, so keep it PG until then!

After the 2 week mark, it isn’t the blood vessels that you need to protect; it’s the implant capsule. The capsule is a layer of scar tissue that forms around the implant and eventually helps hold the implant in place. The capsule takes about 6 weeks to fully form, so before this time it is relatively easy to disrupt. If the capsule is disrupted, your implants could shift resulting in asymmetry. This is the reason why upper body workouts aren’t recommended until 6 weeks after breast augmentation, but it’s also the reason why you need to be careful in the bedroom!

Short answer: PG until 2 weeks. Long answer: PG-13 until 6 weeks.

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Working Out After Breast Augmentation

Ready to get back to the gym after breast augmentation? Get the answers to all your questions from Equinox Personal Trainer, Jason Agnello, and New York City Plastic Surgeon, Nicholas Vendemia, MD, on FITFineLines.com.

Working Out After Breast Augmentation You exercise because you care about how you look. You’ve also chosen to have breast augmentation because you care about how you look, and now you’re ready to get back to the serious business of sculpting your ever-closer-to-perfect ladyframe. Restless, and wondering how and when to begin your routine? I asked our own Dr. Nicholas Vendemia for his advice on keeping my post-augmentation clients strong,  healthy and SAFE in the gym. Keep reading for … Read More

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