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Breast Implant Revision Surgery for Implants that are Too High

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If you’ve spent any time looking at Before & After photos for breast augmentation, you have probably noticed how common it is for the implants to be sitting too high on the chest.

These are photos of a 24 year old woman who traveled to Miami to have her breast augmentation by a “prominent” plastic surgeon, but as you can see in her Before picture (taken one month after her original surgery), she didn’t get a great result. Her implants are sitting VERY high on her chest and they have an unnatural rectangular shape. Her original implants were 650cc high-profile saline that were overfilled to about 700cc. They felt very hard, and looked frozen to her chest when she tried to move them.

Keep Reading to find out how her revisional surgery went and see more photos…

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The Top 5 Reasons for Breast Implant Revision Surgery!

Breast implant revision by Cosmetic Surgeon New York Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS Manhattan Plastic SurtgeryIf you have breast implants that you aren’t happy with, take a look at the Top 5 reasons why women choose to have their breast implants revised:

  1. The implants are too small.
  2. The implants are too large.
  3. The implants are too saggy.
  4. The implants are too far apart.
  5. The implants are uneven.
  6. The implants are PIP’s (the sixth reason).

If you have any of these concerns about your breast implants, continue reading for more information about breast implant revision surgery!

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Audrina Patridge’s Breast Implants Went From Fab To Fake!

audrina patridge weight loss, audrina patridge breast implants, audrina patrdige plastic surgery, celebrity gossip, celebrity plastic surgery, breast augmentation, enterainment


What happened to Audrina Patridge’s gorgeous breast implants? A few months ago, they looked fantastic! But now, they’re looking super fake.


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Will Pregnancy Affect My Breast Implants?

pregnancy and breast implants, breast implants and pregnancy, breast augmentation


Pregnancy brings on a lot of changes to a woman’s body, and as any woman knows, these changes aren’t limited to the baby bump!

Your breasts also go through some changes due to hormone fluctuations. The onset of lactation will almost always lead to a temporary size increase, but the effect that this will have on the post-pregnancy appearance of your breast implants is less predictable.

Keep Reading to find out what factors might shape your post-baby look…

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Capsular Contracture: What is it? How do you prevent it? And how do you treat it?

New Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub has 3 really big problems!

1.  She looks like the Evil Queen from Snow White

Danielle Staub eyebrows


2.  She’s completely out of her mind

Danielle staub crazy face, real housewives of new jersey


3.  And she’s got very bad capsular contracture

Danielle staub crazy face, real housewives of new jersey, breast implants, capsular contracture


Sorry for the awful photos, but how else could we show you what capsular contracture looks like?  🙂

What is capsular contracture? How do you prevent it? And how do you fix it?

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Tara Reid’s Breast Implants Are Finally Bikini Ready!

Tara Reid Before and After breast implants


Tara Reid was recently spotted in a bikini showing off her much-improved breast implants!

Tara has been the subject of a lot of attention in the media over the past 5 years, mostly for her BAD plastic surgery choices. Her first set of breast implants were uneven, saggy, and just plain awful, and then her thigh and tummy liposuction left her with skin dimples, “shark bites”, and sagging skin!

Now her implants are much more natural looking, symmetric, and are finally bikini worthy.  How did she do it?  Keep reading to find out.

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How to Avoid the “Fake” Look With Breast Implants

celebrity breast implants, breast augmentation, Nicole Kidman, Hillary Swank, Holly Weber, entertainment, beauty, cosmetic surgery


Take a look at these photos of three of our favorite leading ladies with breast implants.  Can you spot what’s wrong with each of them?  Keep reading to find out what each of their surgeons could have done to make all three of them look more natural.

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