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The Laser Bra Lift!

 The Laser Bra Lift by Plastic Surgery New York by Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of MAS The Laser Bra Lift is an amazing procedure originally developed in Los Angeles in which a laser is used to create an internal bra.

That’s right, in internal bra! The Laser Bra Lift produces a more natural breast shape that lasts much longer than traditional breast lifts, and it’s all due to the internal support that only the Laser Bra procedure can create.

Want to learn more about the Laser Bra Lift? Keep Reading for more information…

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Scar Wars! The Truth About Scars With a Breast Lift

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Are the “girls” feeling a little low these days?

Whether you’ve had kids, a major weight change, or are just a victim of gravity, you may be thinking about having plastic surgery. If you’re considering a breast lift, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what’s involved—both the good and the bad.

If your breasts are sagging or they’ve lost their volume or shape, a breast lift can significantly improve their appearance. It’s important to remember that a breast lift is a surgical procedure and, like all surgeries, it does carry some risks.

Read on to learn about the techniques, tips, and the truth about scars when you have a breast lift!

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Britney Needs a Breast Lift

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Question: What happens when you have kids after you get breast implants? Answer: The same thing that happens if you never got breast implants in the first place… sagging. We all know Britney Spears is a very proud mom, but I’m not sure she would be so proud of this recent pic of her out and about… literally 🙂

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