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Top 10 Breast Facts That Every Woman Should Know!

Breast facts, breast implants, breast augmentation, breast feeding, breast changes during pregnancy, breast liftThere are things every woman should know when it comes to their breasts. From puberty, to pregnancy, to aging, breasts are constantly changing. But what makes your breasts “normal”?

Keep reading to find out the top 10 facts all girls should know about their “girls”…

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Do breast implants make mammograms more difficult?


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Mammograms may be one of the more dreaded things on your healthcare to-do list—right up there with pap smears and visits to the dentist’s office. But, you can’t ignore the fact that they’re one of the most important preventative measures a woman can take when it comes to protecting her health.

What do you need to know about mammograms if you have breast implants? Read on to learn why they’re so important, and what you need to find out before you schedule an appointment.

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Get to Know Your “Girls”! How to Do a Proper Self Breast Exam!

Breast cancer awareness : breast implants : breast reconstruction : self breast examIt’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

And you know what that means… lots of pink ribbons, and lots of reminders to do your self breast exams!

Every woman over 20 should  know how to do a proper self breast exam. The best treatment for breast cancer is early detection, so make sure to take five minutes every month to do a good exam.

Pick a day that’s easy to remember like the “first Friday” each month and stick to it!

For all you ladies who’ve had a little surgical enhancement, this is for you too! Remember, breast implants don’t cause breast cancer, or make it harder to detect breast cancer. In fact, breast implants are still the most popular method of breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.

Check out this great “how to” VIDEO on how give yourself a proper exam!

3 Important Things to Keep in Mind While Watching this Video

  1. You should be bare chested for your exam. Don’t try to do the exam through your shirt or bra like she does in the video.
  2. Use concentric circles to make sure you examine the entire breast, and use the same pattern every time so you don’t miss a spot.
  3. Don’t skip the armpit step. It’s really important to feel those lymph nodes too.

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Can I still get breast implants if my mom had breast cancer?

This is a very tough situation, and the most appropriate way to start the discussion is to take a second to recognize the tremendous courage and perseverance that women put forth towards the fight against breast cancer, and the selfless devotion of the doctors who help them win the battle.

Your decision to get breast implants in a situation like this boils down to one consideration: Will you be too worried about getting breast cancer to enjoy your fabulous new implants?  

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