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Top 10 Breast Facts That Every Woman Should Know!

Breast facts, breast implants, breast augmentation, breast feeding, breast changes during pregnancy, breast liftThere are things every woman should know when it comes to their breasts. From puberty, to pregnancy, to aging, breasts are constantly changing. But what makes your breasts “normal”?

Keep reading to find out the top 10 facts all girls should know about their “girls”…

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Don’t Leave ‘em Hanging! It’s Time for a New Bra!

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I desperately needed to get some new bras; I swear I could hear the cups groan every time they tried to hold my girls up. Bra shopping was right up there with bikini shopping for me, but yesterday changed everything. Ladies, you will never shop for a bra the same after your first fling with {intimacy}! I walked flat and low, but left feeling like a movie double for Scar Jo!

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