Breast Implant Revision Surgery for Implants that are Too High

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If you’ve spent any time looking at Before & After photos for breast augmentation, you have probably noticed how common it is for the implants to be sitting too high on the chest.

These are photos of a 24 year old woman who traveled to Miami to have her breast augmentation by a “prominent” plastic surgeon, but as you can see in her Before picture (taken one month after her original surgery), she didn’t get a great result. Her implants are sitting VERY high on her chest and they have an unnatural rectangular shape. Her original implants were 650cc high-profile saline that were overfilled to about 700cc. They felt very hard, and looked frozen to her chest when she tried to move them.

Keep Reading to find out how her revisional surgery went and see more photos…

After some careful consideration, she decided to have her breast implants revised. Through the same incision, her original saline implants were removed, and a more appropriate pocket for the new implants was created. New 700cc high-profile silicone implants were placed for a more natural appearance, and a much softer feel. The After photo is the result at 10 days after the revision procedure. You can see that her breasts are no longer rectangular, and her scars are much less noticeable even though they are still very fresh. Her breasts are now round, soft, and they sit in a much more natural position.

breast implants too high on chest, breast augmentation revision surgery

Breast implants sitting too high is a very common problem with larger sized implants, and with implants placed through the armpit and belly button. If you want a larger size, you may want to consider having a Playmate Breast Augmentation™ which utilizes a special technique to achieve the results you see here in one operation instead of two.

If you have any questions about revisional surgery for breast implants, feel free to give us a call at 917-703-7069 or send us a message through our website by clicking here.

Nicholas Vendemia, M.D.
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Photo Credit: Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery

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