The Laser Bra Lift!

 The Laser Bra Lift by Plastic Surgery New York by Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of MAS The Laser Bra Lift is an amazing procedure originally developed in Los Angeles in which a laser is used to create an internal bra.

That’s right, in internal bra! The Laser Bra Lift produces a more natural breast shape that lasts much longer than traditional breast lifts, and it’s all due to the internal support that only the Laser Bra procedure can create.

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What is a Laser Bra Lift?

The Laser Bra LIft is a revolutionary procedure in which a highly specialized laser beam is used to create an internal support system out of the extra stretched out skin that causes your breast to look saggy. The laser tightens the skin tremendously and allows your Laser Bra surgeon to sculpt an internal bra that supports the breast and enhances the shape in a way that no other breast lift procedure can accomplish.

How is the Laser Bra Lift different from a traditional breast Lift?

  1. Less Painful. It is very common for patients who have a traditional breast lift procedure to need prescription pain pills for about a week, and sometimes even longer. Most Laser Bra patients use less than 5 or 6 pain pills throughout their entire recovery period! By Day 3 o 4 after surgery, most Rapid Recovery patients will only need a few extra-strength Tylenol to feel perfectly comfortable.
  2. Less Downtime. If it’s less painful, it’s obvious that there is less downtime as well. Most Laser Bra patients are back to normal activities, with the exceptions of heavy lifting and strenuous exercise, after 72 hours, and back to work in 4-5 days.
  3. Longer Lasting Results. Because the Laser Bra technique results in a strong, supple internal bra, the results of the lift tend to last longer than in a traditional breast lift technique which does not include an internal bra.

Are All Plastic Surgeons Qualified To Perform The Laser Bra Lift?

No. Only Laser Bra Certified plastic surgeons are qualified to perform the Laser Bra Lift. Laser Bra surgeons receive 6 months of intensive training on the Laser Bra technique in Los Angeles, and at the present time, Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of MAS is the only certified Laser Bra surgeon on the East Coast.

Am I a candidate for the aLser Bra Lift?

Most women who are having breast lift or reduction surgery for the first time are candidates, but there are a few exceptions. The only way to know for sure whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure is to be evaluated by a Laser Bra surgeon.

How much does the Laser Bra Lift cost?

The price range for a Laser Bra Lift is anywhere from $8,000-$12,000 depending on the complexity of your particular procedure, and a few other variables that you’ll discuss with your surgeon during a consultation.

Are there financing options available for the Laser Bra Lift?

Absolutely! There are fantastic financing options available. Many of them will offer a period of 0% interest for qualified applicants, and for many patients, the monthly payments can be as low as $200. And the best part of these financing plans is that you’ll know whether or not you qualify before you leave the office after your consultation!

How can I find out more about the Laser Bra Lift?

To learn more about the Laser Bra Lift, feel free to give us a call or text message in the office at 917-703-7069, or send us an email through our website at

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