Renee Zellweger’s Brand New Breast Implants!

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Take a look at Renee Zellweger’s brand new breast implants!

I know what you’re thinking… “OMG, they’re way too big for her!” How do I know that? Because Renee is probably thinking the same thing…

Brand new breast implants always look too high and too big for the first few weeks after surgery… Just ask Haylie Duff 🙂

A good plastic surgeon knows that all breast implants drop just a little over the first 3 months after surgery, so to compensate for this, the implants will often be placed a touch higher during the original procedure. New implants also look bigger at the beginning because of swelling, but even though most women think “Whoa, these are too big!” when they see their new boobs for the first time, they usually wish they could go back to the bigger size once the swelling goes down.

Remember, the most common complaint after breast augmentation surgery is “I wish I had gone a little bigger”. If they look perfect to you the first time you see them, chances are that you’ll be a little disappointed when the swelling goes away. Don’t forget this when you’re picking your perfect size!

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4 responses to “Renee Zellweger’s Brand New Breast Implants!

  1. Jim

    Tragic…… just tragic….. the the small breast of Renees were just fine, now she looks like a floozy…..

    • MAS

      Thanks for the comment, Jim. It’s hard to tell what breast implants are going to look like while they are still so new. We think that once they settle down a little, she’ll look even more fabulous. Her tiny frame is making her look like she went overboard, but she’s too classy for a move like that!

  2. She went for it, and got large breast implants, if you are going to go, go BIG!

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