Patient Almost Bleeds to Death After Eye Doctor Performs Breast Augmentation!

eye doctor performs breast augmentation, plastic surgery gone bad, unqualified doctors, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgeons, safe plastic surgeryRead about this tremendously disturbing report from CBS Atlanta about an ever-increasing problem in the world of cosmetic surgery: unqualified doctors performing cosmetic operations.

An Eye Doctor… that’s right, Eye Doctor… had to call 911 from his own office to save the life of a patient that was bleeding to death on his operating room table. How do you bleed to death from eye surgery you ask? Well, that’s the kicker… he wasn’t performing eye surgery at all!  He was giving his patient breast implants!

The more you search for stories like this, the more you’ll find! Pretty much every medical specialty nowadays is suffering from plummeting insurance reimbursements and skyrocketing malpractice premiums, and many of these struggling docs are turning to cosmetic procedures as a way to enhance their income. It seems as though there should be a law against doctors practicing outside of their scope of training, but unfortunately, theres’s not! It’s up to YOU to know your whether or not your doctor is qualified to be performing cosmetic surgery.

The most shocking, and scary, part about all of this is that many of these docs have NO SURGICAL TRAINING at all! A family practice doctor has zero hours of surgical training, and yet he or she can advertise as a “cosmetic surgeon” after taking a weekend course on breast augmentation… a procedure that plastic surgeons train intensively for up to 8-10 years to learn how to perform properly. An Ob-Gyn can offer liposuction under the auspice of a “cosmetic surgeon” title, even though he or she is completely unqualified to be performing procedures like this safely.

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2 responses to “Patient Almost Bleeds to Death After Eye Doctor Performs Breast Augmentation!

  1. This should be a reminder to everyone that it is extremely important to choose a plastic surgeon (and research their surgeon throughly).

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