Katy Perry Poses Topless for Esquire and Starts Rumors about Breast Implants

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Katy Perry’s looking slim, sexy, and a little retro in her new Esquire Magshoot! And, did we mention that she’s topless?

You know what comes along with topless photo shoots right? Breast implant rumors… and now Katy has tons of them floating around.

She’s denied the rumors a million times, and frankly, we believe her. She’s never been shy about anything, so why would she start now. Take a look at her performing on top of a car in the middle of Times Square wearing a skin tight rubber dress, and then tell us if you think she’s got anything to hide 🙂

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Photo Credit: HuffPo

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13 responses to “Katy Perry Poses Topless for Esquire and Starts Rumors about Breast Implants

  1. Katy Perry Fan

    She is the best ever! I definitely don’t believe she has breasts implants. I love her!

  2. Lyra

    She is gorgeous I think that the are natural and fantastic!!! http://saline-implants.com

  3. They fit her well, too bad she married one of the most annoying people in Hollywood.


  4. TF

    A lot of people think just cause you have breast implants, you won’t need a bra and that is what Katy thinks as well…this is why her breasts sag a bit. She did get implants because she is tiny and her breasts are big for her little body. Your natural breasts depend on body fat. If you have no fat, your boobs will be small. In the end, who cares, she’s beautiful and sexy…a little boost won’t hurt nobody nor did she come asking for the money!!!

    • Anonymous

      That is so not true. No mater my weight my breast have always been the same size. My rib cage is a 32 and my breast are a DD. I’ve never had any surgery. I think hers are real. Fake breasts tend to sit higher than real ones.

  5. According to Katy Perry Breast Implants dot com she has had breast implants but they are small and because her breasts are large it is very difficult to notice!

  6. Jessica

    Her boobs are huge now! They weren big when se was kickin’ it with Elmo. In this article she said she loved havin small tits. http://www.usmagazine.com/uploads/assets/articles/38751-katy-perry-i-longed-for-small-boobs-like-kate-moss/1297114632_katy-perry-290.jpg
    It is difficult to naturally have Ds and be thin everywhere else. I know, I have had a flat stomach and yeah, my boobs could not stay at a D.

  7. DI

    u can be thin and have big breast i know of a girl personally who was thin with huge breast

  8. deelotto

    whatever, i saw a pic of her with a white dog (oddly I cant find it now) and she had a weird dent. Real ones have NO dents!

  9. sam

    They are 100% fake. Look at the time frame they grew 2-3 cup sizes. Look at the before and after pictures. She’s just doesn’t want people to know. She’d always say she liked being a B cup. Well…she jummped to a D/ DD… Hmm Maybe she didn’t really? I just wish she’d come clean as tean girls are running around using magic fake pills as companies claim Katy did. If she loved her fans she tell the truth.

  10. Katy certainly looks good in the picture. I am pretty sure she has had some breast enlargement over the last few years, not that there is anything wrong with this as which famous celebrity hasn’t had some kind of cosmetic work done.

  11. G Cup and Proud

    Though it’s been a few months since the last reply, I had to add my two cents. I have no idea whether or not Katy Perry has had breast implants. My comment is more for the responders who have no real knowledge of biology. Breast size is NOT determined by body fat or frame size. Yes, body fat can affect breast size, but that does not mean if your body fat is low you will have small breasts. Neither does having a small frame. Example, Soleil Moon Frye….naturally small frame, needed a breast reduction because her naturally large breast were too much. Regarding body fat, countless overweight women with little more than A cups. By a previous poster’s logic, their breast should be D’s easy. I know of what speak on a person level as well. At 12yrs old, my breasts were C cups; majority breast tissue. At 18, I weighed 175lbs, mostly just muscle, and my breasts were DD. Like most everything regarding our bodies, breasts are determined by genetics. Just some information for those who did not pay attention in health or biology class and feel the need to guess.

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