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Audrina Patridge’s Breast Implants Went From Fab To Fake!

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What happened to Audrina Patridge’s gorgeous breast implants? A few months ago, they looked fantastic! But now, they’re looking super fake.


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Will Pregnancy Affect My Breast Implants?

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Pregnancy brings on a lot of changes to a woman’s body, and as any woman knows, these changes aren’t limited to the baby bump!

Your breasts also go through some changes due to hormone fluctuations. The onset of lactation will almost always lead to a temporary size increase, but the effect that this will have on the post-pregnancy appearance of your breast implants is less predictable.

Keep Reading to find out what factors might shape your post-baby look…

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Fat Injections for Breast Augmentation. The “Natural” Alternative.

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Fat injections have been used for a long time to rejuvenate the aging face by restoring it’s youthful volume, and to create some not-so-natural “volume” in the rear during a Brazilian Butt Lift. But (no pun intended), until recently, fat transfer to the breast has been reserved for breast reconstruction after cancer surgery.

As technology advances, the number of clinical applications for fat transfer procedures continues to rise. And since breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the country, some people are wondering whether breast implants are still the best for the bust.

Keep reading to learn more about the “natural” method of breast augmentation

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Patient Almost Bleeds to Death After Eye Doctor Performs Breast Augmentation!

eye doctor performs breast augmentation, plastic surgery gone bad, unqualified doctors, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgeons, safe plastic surgeryRead about this tremendously disturbing report from CBS Atlanta about an ever-increasing problem in the world of cosmetic surgery: unqualified doctors performing cosmetic operations.

An Eye Doctor… that’s right, Eye Doctor… had to call 911 from his own office to save the life of a patient that was bleeding to death on his operating room table. How do you bleed to death from eye surgery you ask? Well, that’s the kicker… he wasn’t performing eye surgery at all!  He was giving his patient breast implants!

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Katy Perry Poses Topless for Esquire and Starts Rumors about Breast Implants

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Katy Perry’s looking slim, sexy, and a little retro in her new Esquire Magshoot! And, did we mention that she’s topless?

You know what comes along with topless photo shoots right? Breast implant rumors… and now Katy has tons of them floating around.

She’s denied the rumors a million times, and frankly, we believe her. She’s never been shy about anything, so why would she start now. Take a look at her performing on top of a car in the middle of Times Square wearing a skin tight rubber dress, and then tell us if you think she’s got anything to hide 🙂

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