Tara Reid’s Breast Implants Are Finally Bikini Ready!

Tara Reid Before and After breast implants


Tara Reid was recently spotted in a bikini showing off her much-improved breast implants!

Tara has been the subject of a lot of attention in the media over the past 5 years, mostly for her BAD plastic surgery choices. Her first set of breast implants were uneven, saggy, and just plain awful, and then her thigh and tummy liposuction left her with skin dimples, “shark bites”, and sagging skin!

Now her implants are much more natural looking, symmetric, and are finally bikini worthy.  How did she do it?  Keep reading to find out.

What did she have done to make her breast implants look so much better?

1. Implant Exchange

Tara likely had her old breast implants taken out and then had them replaced with a newer generation silicone implant to give her a more natural softer look.  During the exchange operation, her surgeon probably removed a lot of the old scar tissue (capsulectomy) that was preventing the implants from sitting in a good position, and also probably placed the new implants in a new position (likely under the muscle). Tara’s new implants were also downsized so that they fit her chest better and to decrease her chances of developing more constrictive scar tissue (capsular contracture) in the future.

2. Breast Lift

As you can clearly see in the Before picture, Tara was hangin’ pretty low. This is most likely due to the fact that her original implants were too large.  Hmmm… does this remind you of anyone?  Hint: Heidi “Mountains” Montag!

When large breast implants start to sag, there’s only one option… a breast lift. A breast lift operation is performed by first repositioning the droopy implants (and making them a little smaller), and then removing the stretched out skin to sculpt a much prettier perkier breast.  This operation adds more scars, but it’s still better than droopy saggy breast implants!

How can you avoid sagging breast implants?

  1. Choose the right size.  Implants that are too large for your frame will sag faster and put you in the same situation as Tara.
  2. Choose the right implant position.  Implants placed under the muscle have more support than those placed over the muscle.
  3. Wear good bras. You need better support when you get your new breast implants, and “any old bra” won’t do. Visit an {Intimacy} specialty bra shop for a custom-fit bra that will keep you front and center for as long as possible.
  4. Choose a qualified plastic surgeon. Did you know that Family Practice doctors are performing breast augmentations?  And that there is no law that says they can’t?  You have to protect yourself… do your research and make sure your surgeon is qualified!

Read more about Tara Reid’s liposuction disaster:

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