How to Avoid the “Fake” Look With Breast Implants

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Take a look at these photos of three of our favorite leading ladies with breast implants.  Can you spot what’s wrong with each of them?  Keep reading to find out what each of their surgeons could have done to make all three of them look more natural.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman, breast implants, breast augmentation, celebrities, entertainment, beauty, cosmetic surgery


If it wasn’t for her high-riding, fake-looking breast implants, Nicole Kidman would have looked fabulous at the the charity event where this photo was taken. It looks like her surgeon probably gave her saline implants on top of the muscle, which is one of the reasons why they look so unnatural. A silicone implant under the muscle would have given her a much nicer result. In someone as thin as Nicole, it’s important to do everything possible to “hide” and “soften” the implant.  Because she’s got almost no bodyfat, her muscle is the only thing that can camouflage the implants, and because silicone implants are much softer, they look and feel much more natural.

Hillary Swank

Hillary Swank, breast implants, breast augmentation, celebrities, entertainment, beauty, cosmetic surgery


Hillary Swank doesn’t have a problem looking natural with her implants (if anything, they are probably a little too small for her). Her problem is the scar, which is made more noticeable by the fact that her implants aren’t filling her out enough. It looks like she had her implants put in through her armpit, which can be an OK technique if it’s performed perfectly.  However, in many cases like this, the scar is visible, the implant is too small (because the surgeon tries to use the smallest incision possible knowing that it will be visible), and the final result just doesn’t look that good. Another drawback of the armpit incision is that you can’t use silicone implants, which look and feel so much more natural that saline. Hillary’s surgeon tried to avoid the fake look with these saline implants by giving her a very small size, but in doing so, he made her too small and now her scar is visible. It’s a no win situation though because if he had put in larger implants she would have the same problem Nicole has with the fake looking cleavage… catch 22.

Holly Weber

Holly Weber, breast implants, breast augmentation, celebrities, entertainment, beauty, cosmetic surgery


No one can deny that Holly Weber is a gorgeous woman, but what about her breast implants? To our eye, they look incredibly fake! Some of this fakeness is avoidable, and some of it isn’t. Holly, being the model that she is, is so thin that she’s got even less bodyfat than Nicole (if that’s possible). Since she has no tissue to hide her implants, they will always look a little fake regardless of whether they are under the muscle or not. Holly’s problem is that her implants are too far apart.  She has a very wide space between her implants, which should have been adjusted during her surgery. If her implants had been placed closer together, and had been slightly smaller, she would have a much more natural look.

Three beautiful ladies with three different problems. If you’re thinking about breast implants and you’re concerned about looking too fake, check out our Top 4 tips to look as natural as possible:

#1 Choose Silicone Over Saline

Silicone implants look and feel much more natural than saline. There’s no question about it. Saline implants are nothing more than high-tech water balloons, and that’s exactly what they feel like on your chest.

#2 Choose The Right Size

it’s incredibly important to pick the right size implants before your surgery. This has nothing to do with the cup size you want to be. It has to do with a specific set of measurements that your plastic surgeon should take during your initial consultation. Those measurements determine which implants fit your chest, and if you deviate too far away from those measurements with the size of your implants (larger or smaller), you will look less natural. Ask your plastic surgeon to explain these measurements to you, and if he or she says it’s unnecessary, find  a new surgeon.

#3 Choose To Put Them Under The Muscle

This is an important decision for everyone, but especially for the skinny minnies out there, like Nicole, Hillary, and Holly. Placing the implants under the muscle provides an extra layer of tissue to hide the edge of the implants. They can never be completely hidden, but they will look more natural than Nicole’s if they are under the muscle.

#4 Choose a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

The most important decision you have to make if you’re considering breast augmentation surgery is to choose a qualified plastic surgeon. We’ve heard some horror stories about botched breast implant surgeries performed by doctors with no surgical training at all. This happens every day all over the country, so make sure you know your surgeon before you agree to go under the knife.

#5 Click Here to see Before & After Photos

Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

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