Don’t Leave ‘em Hanging! It’s Time for a New Bra!

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I desperately needed to get some new bras; I swear I could hear the cups groan every time they tried to hold my girls up. Bra shopping was right up there with bikini shopping for me, but yesterday changed everything. Ladies, you will never shop for a bra the same after your first fling with {intimacy}! I walked flat and low, but left feeling like a movie double for Scar Jo!

When To Go

Yeah, yeah, we know we should get new bras every few months, but suddenly a year or so goes by and you still haven’t gone. You need to buy new bras a few times a year mainly because the band wears out and no longer holds you up. That’s right, it’s the band, not the straps, that ultimately keeps the girls high and mighty. You also need to go bra-buying when you have a major lifestyle change like a pregnancy, significant weight change, or breast augmentation (duh!). A well-fitted bra offers all around support which keeps you from looking all National Geographic!

Where to Go

Skip the Secret… and forget about Fredrick’s. Upgrade immediately to {intimacy}! Their pretty purple website instantly caught my eye: “changing women’s lives”, the bra fit stylists”- this was exactly what I was looking for.  I made my customized appointment for a fit session right online (I love easy!).

When I arrived, the boutique was bustling with ladies of all shapes and sizes marveling over a gorgeous selection of lingerie and other boudoir bests.  {intimacy} carries only European bras and swimwear which are far more attentive to what women need versus their American counterparts. They stock over 90 different sizes from A-K cups!

How They Do It

My Bra Fit Specialist , Maria, looked tres chic as she rocked the black bra under white tee look perfectly. We entered an ample sized fitting room where she explained to me {intimacy}’s holistic fit method. Tape measure? Nope. Instead, I removed my shirt and we did a quick assessment of what was, and wasn’t, going on. I’ve been wearing a 34 C for years now , but I was amazed when Maria announced I’d be much happier in a 32 DD! How could Maria possibly know my bra size better than me??

She gathered a collection of bras that transformed my breasts into their rightful voluptuous glory. Apparently, the smaller band hugged me enough to take tension off the straps, while going up 2 cups repositioned me “front and center” which instantly took 5lbs off of me! My ta-ta’s were twenty again! I had no idea about this, but according to Maria, the band offers 90% of the support of a good bra… not the straps.

Maria made the whole experience friendly and fun, even went out of her way to give me “intimate” details on bra care and fit facts. You should hand or delicately wash your bras in an alcohol-free detergent such as the store’s own brand, or Forever New, which helps to restore the bra’s elasticity. Also, always wear your new bra on the first set of hooks, then move in as the band loses it’s pep. {intimacy} will actually help extend the life of your purchase by offering FREE alterations to readjust the hooks!

3 everyday and 1 sports bra later, I  busted out of the store more uplifted than ever before. I couldn’t believe the difference!  It looks like I had a trip to the plastic surgeon rather than a bra store. The prices run about $70 per bra, but it’s money well spent considering the average breast augmentation runs about $6000.

Get your girlfriends and treat your girls to a truly intimate experience. We’d love to hear about your own fit tips and favorite bras too!

1051 Third Avenue (at 62nd Street)
New York, New York 10065
Phone (646) 395-3885

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