Britney Needs a Breast Lift

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Question: What happens when you have kids after you get breast implants? Answer: The same thing that happens if you never got breast implants in the first place… sagging. We all know Britney Spears is a very proud mom, but I’m not sure she would be so proud of this recent pic of her out and about… literally 🙂

You can see that Britney is still perky and round, but her nips are starting to point south.  That could mean one of two things: 1) Her natural breast tissue is starting to sag on top of her implants 2) Her implants are too high.  Both of these things are possible, but I think the first choice is more likely given that she has had her implants for a while now, and that she got them upsized after she had her kids.

So, what are Brit’s options if she wants to get back to pointing straight ahead?

#1.  She can start wearing a bra more often!

This is actually more than a pun in her case.  Yes, a bra would keep her off the stage as a headliner for the Breast Blaug, but it would also give her some support.  The extra weight of breast implants stretches the suspensory ligaments in the breast and makes them sag a little quicker than normal.  This also happens in women who have very large natural breasts… since they are heavier, they sag faster.  It’s all about the weight, and this is exactly why Heidi Montag is going to be really, really sorry that she got those massive 700cc breast implants!

#2.  She can get her implants lowered.

Depending on where her scars are, Brit could have her implants lowered to put her nipples more in the center of her breast so it doesn’t look like they are sagging quite so much. However, this is only an option if her implants are actually too high.  If her natural breast tissue is starting to sag on top of the implant, this technique won’t work for her.

#3.  She can get bigger implants.

Sometimes larger implants can lift the natural breast tissue, but Britney would have to be careful about this option.  Since she already has fairly large implants, making them bigger may very well lift her up a bit, but it’s also going to add more weight.  And just like we said in #1, more weight equals more sagging.  This is where many woman get into trouble by starting a vicious cycle… they get larger implants to get a lift… then they sag because of the larger implants… then they get even larger implants to lift some more… then they sag even faster… you see where this is going, right Heidi??

#4.  She can have a breast lift.

This is probably the best option for Brit (other than just wearing a bra), but it’s also a difficult choice because getting a lift means having extra scars on the breast. It’s a very common misconception that you can get a scarless breast lift, but there really is no such thing. A breast lift involves taking away extra stretched out skin, and the only way to do that is by cutting it away and reshaping the breast.  That being said, the vast majority of woman love the results, even with the additional scars, because their breasts are as perky as Brit’s were before she met K-fed!

Now that we’ve got the options out on the table, YOU BE THE JUDGE!

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