Booming Breast Implants! 5 Reasons Why Heidi Montag is Going to be Really, Really Sorry.

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Thinking about getting breast implants? Big ones?  Think again.

The human Barbie Doll, Heidi Montag, obviously doesn’t realize what she signed up for when she asked her surgeon,  to give her 700cc breast implants.

Here are 5 reasons why she is going to be really sorry she decided to go so big.

1. Gravity Loves Huge Implants

What happens when a woman has naturally large breasts? They sag. What happens when a woman has unnaturally large breasts? You guessed it!

Let’s put this in perspective. When a woman has a breast reduction, one of the qualifications for whether or not the procedure will be covered by insurance is how much tissue will need to be removed. On average, the magic number is 500 grams of breast tissue per breast. This means that even the greedy insurance companies recognize that breasts that are more than 500 grams too heavy are worthy of a breast reduction to prevent future problems. Heidi, and her plastic surgeon, chose to ADD over 700 grams to each of her breasts! Now, if 500 grams of extra breast tissue is enough to justify breast reduction surgery, does it make any sense at all to add 700 grams?!

Heidi’s heavy implants are going to start sagging like crazy well before she’s 30 years old, and once that happens, she’ll start the never-ending cycle of surgery after surgery after surgery to lift them. Corrective surgery on breast implants this size is a daunting task for even the most seasoned plastic surgeon, and the results are disappointing at best.  With more surgery, comes more complications, and worsening results. Heidi probably had no idea what she was in for when she decided to get massive breast implants, and no matter how crazy she is, it was her surgeon’s responsibility to do the right thing and turn her away.

2.  Breast Tissue Hates Huge Implants

One little known fact about breast implants is that they actually cause a woman’s natural breast tissue to shrink. This happens with all implants, regardless of size, but it happens to a much greater degree with booming boob-jobs like Miss Montag’s. After living with 700cc implants for a year or two, she’ll be left with basically no breast tissue of her own, which means that she is fully committed to having breast implants for the rest of her life. This may not be a problem for her now while she’s young and enjoying her time pretending to be Barbie, but she may not always want to have implants as big as her head. And, if she ends up having a complication that requires her implants to be removed, she’ll be left with a thin, small, floppy mound of skin that doesn’t resemble a natural breast at all.  Let’s all cross our fingers that this doesn’t happen to her because it’s not something anyone should ever have to go through.

3.  Lots of Surgery Leads to Lots of Scars

Heidi’s surgery sprees have fueled as many news articles and blog posts as Tiger Woods, and soon she’ll have more scars than paparazzi pics. Breast implants can be put in through a tiny incision that doesn’t leave much of a scar, but once they start to sag, the scars from corrective surgeries get larger and much more visible.

4.  Lots of Scars Lead to Loss of Nipple Sensation

The surface of the skin is not the only thing that scars after surgery.  Scar tissue forms on the inside too, and if enough scar forms in the wrong places, bad things can happen. Internal scar tissue can cause implants to shift in different directions, pain, and loss of sensation to the nipple. None of those things are worth the fun of all the wandering eyes she draws on Rodeo Drive.

5.  “Uni-Boob”: The Unfixable Complication

One of the worst complications in breast augmentation surgery is the dreaded “uni-boob” (the technical term is symmastia).  When breast implants are too large, or when the surgery is done by an unqualified surgeon, the skin that is attached to the breastbone can actually lift off and allow the implants to migrate to the middle of the chest (sometimes they can even migrate to the other side!). This complication is nearly impossible to fix, and is one of the main reasons why massive breast implants are never a good idea.

So, rather than continuing to bash “Barbie” Montag, let’s just hope that she can fix all the problems that those gigantic implants are going to bring her. “The Hills” made her famous, but her “mountains” are out of control!

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4 responses to “Booming Breast Implants! 5 Reasons Why Heidi Montag is Going to be Really, Really Sorry.

  1. MAS

    It looks like Kate Hudson and Haylie Duff may have gotten breast implants too. Not sure about Kate, but Haylie is definitely making a silicone statement 🙂

  2. The success of your breast augmentation surgery depends upon numerous factors. But post-operatively, it is your responsibility to give it the best care.

  3. Danielle

    I just read what you said about the 700 cc breast implants, now does this depends on your height and weight? I’m 5.8 160 I was thinking of 700cc is that to heavy for me?

    • MAS

      Hi Danielle!

      It doesn’t depend so much on your height and weight as it does on the measurements of your chest… and when I say “measurements”, I don’t mean cup size. There is a customary set of measurements that every plastic surgeon takes (or should take) when he or she evaluates a patient for an appropriate size implant.

      While it’s certainly possible that your measurements might be in line with a 700cc implant, there are still concerns with an implant that large. The most important of those is that it’s heavy! A heavy implant, just like a heavy natural breast, will sag much more quickly than a lighter, smaller implant. It will also cause your natural breast tissue to atrophy (shrink). These two occurrences will make it much more likely that you will need a breast lift to correct the sagging, and this procedure is not an easy thing to do when you have very large implants.

      That being said, it is certainly possible to have 700cc implants regardless of your body size or chest measurements… you just have to understands all the risks involved with that choice.

      Feel free to give us a call in the office at 917-703-7069 if you have any more questions, or if there is anything else we can do for you!

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