“Breast Augmentation 101″. The Top 5 Ways to pick the perfect size.


Welcome to Breast Augmentation 101.  Please take your seats and turn to page “34C”. Passing notes and text messaging are permitted at all times 🙂

Thinking about getting breast implants, but not sure how to pick the right size?  Here are 5 of the easiest, and most reliable, ways to choose:

#1  Decide whether you want “Natural” or “Baywatch”

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There are basically two looks that breast implants can give you. They can be very natural and look like the best-ever version of a real breast.  Or they can look like a sexier, impossibly perfect, slightly “fake” version. There’s nothing wrong with either of these appearances, and both are very desirable in their own way. Unfortunately, you can’t play it safe by deciding that you want both. You do have to make a decision about which look you prefer because each look requires that the procedure be done a slightly different way.  Remember, the “Baywatch” look is not the same thing as the ridiculous porn start look, which is never a good idea. There is an undeniable sex appeal that goes along with “fake breasts”, and many women make the mistake of pushing too hard for “natural” result, and then end up disappointed because they hoped to look a little more sexy.  The easiest way to solve this dilemma is to ask yourself the following questions. “Are you getting breast implants because you want to look smokin’ hot in your new bikini? Or are you getting implants to fill out your clothes without making it obvious that you had something done?” This may seem like a trivial question, and you may be sitting there saying “I want both of those things”, but it’s important to realize that you can’t always have your cake and eat it too. Try to be as honest with yourself as possible about which of those personalities fits you best.  This will help your plastic surgeon tailor the procedure specifically to you, and help ensure that you get the result you’re after.

#2  Talk to other women who have implants

Most women who want breast implants know someone who already has them. If you have a friend who took the plunge, make sure to ask them about their experience. Look, touch, squeeze… Do whatever you need to do (or whatever they will let you do) to imagine what breast implants will be like on your body. Find someone who has saline. Find someone who has silicone. Find someone who wanted to look “natural”, and someone who wanted “unnatural”. Ask them what they like about their implants, and what they don’t. Ask them if they would go bigger or smaller if they did it again. The more people you talk to, the better idea you will have about what you want.

#3  Stuff your bra and and strut around in your favorite outfit

One of the easiest, most enjoyable ways to figure out what size you want is to buy a few bras that are larger than yours, and stuff them full of whatever you used for your first date in high school. Don’t buy bras with a higher number, just a bigger cup size.  For example, if you wear a 32B, buy a 32C and a 32D.  Once you’re stuffed to the size you like, put on your favorite outfit and check yourself out from every angle. When you find just the right amount of stuffing, put it aside, save it, and bring with you when you see your plastic surgeon. This may seem a little silly, but it really helps your surgeon understand what you want. A “picture” really is worth a thousand words.

#4  Order a set of sample implants

Most of the major breast implant companies have sample kits that you can order for very reasonable prices (check out Natrelle and MemoryGel). They come with a few different sizes of sample implants, and some nice brochures. This is a more sophisticated way to go about it than the bra stuffing method, but they each have their pros and cons so don’t assume that the more sophisticated option is automatically better.  Stuffing your bra will let you see a wider range of sizes since you are in total control of how big or small you make yourself.  The implant kits limit you to the sizes that come in the box, but using samples is not as awkward as stuffing. When in doubt, just do both. You can’t go wrong with either one.

#5  Trust your surgeon


The most important step in picking the right size is finding a surgeon that you trust. Look for a surgeon who fits your personality, or at least one who cares about understanding your personality. Some surgeons only do the “fake” look, and some only do the “natural” thing, so it’s important to find someone who is interested in what YOU want. It’s also important to find a surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation and aesthetic surgery. A fully-trained aesthetic surgeon knows how to perform a very detailed analysis, which consists of several measurements that help him decide which implants will look good on your frame. You probably wouldn’t trust your Ferrari to a Jiffy Lube, so don’t trust your girls to any old cosmetic surgeon. Having a good relationship with your surgeon, and knowing that you are on the same page, is a tremendously important step in choosing the perfect size.

That’s it… for today.  You get an A+ (unless you prefer a “DD”).  Class dismissed!

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9 responses to ““Breast Augmentation 101″. The Top 5 Ways to pick the perfect size.

  1. citypretty24

    As far as porn star vs natural; does it matter whether you use saline or silicone? I want a full but natural look…any suggestions?

  2. MAS

    Great question citypretty!

    It does matter whether you choose saline or silicone, but there are several things that matter even more.

    First, being “full” isn’t the same as being “porn star”. Almost all reasonably sized implants create a full breast shape regardless of whether they are saline or silicone. Only the extreme sizes create that uber fake porn star look that nobody wants.

    Second, it’s important to understand that every implant, no matter how big or small, is going to look a little fake if you are really thin. There only so much tissue between the implant and the outside world, so the less fat you have, the less the implant will be camouflaged. It’s like putting a thin sheet over a balloon vs putting a down comforter over it. You will definitely be able to tell that the object under the sheet is a round balloon, but you’ll probably have a more difficult time deciding what’s under the thick comforter. If you’re very thin, you have to be prepared to accept some amount of fakeness if you want breast implants.

    Third, it matters where you put the implant. Putting the implant under the muscle gives you one extra layer on top of the implant and helps hide the edges of the implant shell. Once again though, if you are very thin, this may not help much.

    Long story short, the most important thing to get a natural look is to work with your surgeon to choose an implant that matches the dimensions of your chest. Your surgeon should measure you and use those measurements to pick the best implant for your frame. If you choose an implant that is too “full”, it’s going to look fake no matter what technique is used. Silicone implants definitely “feel” more natural, but are not the end all be all choice for a natural look.

    Hope this answers your question.

  3. MAS

    Did Kate Hudson get breast implants? That’s what the rumors say, but I’m not sure if I believe it.

    Huff post says she “almost slipped out of her dress at the AMA’s”, and that she’s “noticeably fuller on top” in bikini.

    You be the judge though. When I look at the photos, I don’t see any tell tale signs of breast augmentation. She doesn’t have any fullness in her upper breast, which is one of the most common reasons women get breast implants in the first place. She doesn’t have much in the way of cleavage either, and she’s certainly not “falling out” of anything. Or, maybe she did get them done, but forgot to read the BreastBlaug’s “Top 5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Size” (http://tinyurl.com/y74a69a)

    I guess Huff-Po doesn’t look at enough tata’s 🙂 You be the judge: http://huff.to/865REp

  4. Thanks, this article was informative one about making correct decision regarding breast implants.

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  6. Hamindet

    I am scheduled soon for surgury and am signed up for 375 gel imPlants.
    Im a 34a borderline b ( only due to sOme extra weight).
    140 / 5’4inch
    I like the fake round look. Will there be a big difference or will i wish i would of gone 400cc. Im loOking for a full c cup
    . Just dont want to be disapointed

  7. I prefer a natural fully look, but I’m considering which materials used for each look and are those things really safe, or which will be the safest?

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